Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Identity theft and loss of privacy are a big problem online. We understand your concerns and do everything we can to protect your privacy and earn your trust.

The basics:

  • We never spam our customers, sign them up automatically for newsletters/alerts or resell their contact info to other companies.
  • We don’t keep critical info such as credit card numbers on file, and we always use encrypted connections when dealing with customers and payment processors.
  • We will never charge you for services that you don’t agree to.

The details:

1st Class Auto Transportation is committed to the privacy of its customers and visitors. When you enter payment information, we use active anti-hacking monitoring and guard all our pages and domains against invasions and data theft.

1st Class Auto Transportation does not use tracking cookies; unlike some travel and logistics sites, we do not modify quote information based on visit frequency or other statistics. Note, however, that shipping quotes may vary due to a number of factors, such as fuel prices, scheduling issues and others. Shipping the same vehicle between the same points is not guaranteed to cost the same at all times.

The information we may request from you for a shipping quote includes make & model of the vehicle, condition of the vehicle, type of transport desired (open or enclosed), and points of departure &/ destination. We also need you to provide us with an email address to send the quote. We do not resell email addresses to third parties; we do not spam or sign visitors up for newsletters, alerts or any other mailings by default or without an explicit request.

All of the content on is property of 1st Class Auto Transportation and may not be copied, duplicated or used in any way without our explicit permission.